Holy Trinity CofE

2023 IF YOU WERE AN ENGINEER Finalists' Inventions

We had many children awarded merits and distinctions for their inventions but 4 of our children were given the top grading of Distinction Short-listed.  Congratulations to Thomas and Edward, in Year 4 and Jolin and Angelo, in Year 3. Take a look at their creative designs:

Thomas invented 'The Technological Independent Electronic Device', TIE-D for short. This robot helps people in hospitals and was inspired by his French Grandpa's time in hospital. Edward invented 'Water Ways' a revolutionary water system to provide water to people in places where water is scarse, inspired by Water-Aid adverts on the television. Jolin invented a solar powered 'Remember Bot' to help people remember things. Angelo invented 'The Super Magnet', powered by waste and designed to help elderly people pick up things. It is also able to magnetise materials which aren't conventionally magnetic.