Holy Trinity CofE


Welcome to Eagles, our Junior class for Key Stage 2 pupils aged 9-11.

The class teacher is Mrs Chilton. She is assisted by Mrs. Ward.

When the children arrive in the Eagles class they are often fairly quiet for a couple of weeks as they become familiar with being in the top class. Before long though, they are eager to learn and to show how independent and responsible they can be, 

The children study a wide variety of subjects across the curriculum and enjoy many hands on, practical activities which help them to deepen their understanding.  Sport is very popular with the older children, as is drama and music.

Scroll below to see pictures of what work we've been doing in Lockdown, hover over the bottom of the image to read a description.  You can pause the image to read an individual's work. We have also have work from our key worker group in school.

REMEMBER    . . .      A celebration of Eagles Class home learning during our spring term 2021

Below you will find some examples of the impressive work our Year 5 and 6 pupils did from home during lockdown. We wanted to acknowledge what a wonderful job they did in this new way of learning. .

Week ending 15th January

This week the focus is on science, showing how pupils have been engaged in a range of practical activities, alongside extending their knowledge through live lessons and research.  Below are examples of work from Sienna, Nyah, Luis and Mia S, who are all becoming experts on the circulation system. 

Watch this space for work from more of our talented pupils and other curriculum areas in the future. 

Week ending 22nd January

Take a look at examples of our bridge building project from Luca, Max, Amelia and Charlie PB - read a fascinating biography about someone who inspires Fleur, Rosa Parks and enjoy Lois's Lava lamp experiment.

Week ending 28th January

More biographies to enjoy from Joe, Olivia E, Willow and Esme.   In Science the children have been demonstrating what they know about the circulation system by writing stories about the Journey of a Red Blood Cell around the Body, some great contributions by Charlie P, Olivia C and Luca, and Nyah was the first person to send in her photo of her working model of a lung. 

Week ending 5th February 

This week Eagles Class have been baking - some examples of delicious bread from Amelia, Olivia C and Olaf.  From our science work a very original way to label the parts of our lungs from Olaf and Olivia E has created a striking poster encouraging Biodiversity.  Jonty, Joe, Nyah and Charlie P can show you how to make a working model of a lung which inflates and deflates with movement of the diaphragm.  Willow designed her blood cell cartoon characters using technology.

Week ending 12th February

This week we have been thinking about the importance of Biodiversity and have been writing to people to help us plan a Wild Garden for our school grounds, read Maisey's and Luca's letters.  Jonty has presented a slideshow on Rome, we've added a taster below.   We also thought it would be nice to showcase some of the things the Keyworker children have been doing at school.  We are all following the same work at home and at school.  Take a look at our slideshow for Eagles key worker children below.  They have been working on plans for the new Wild Garden as well as doing live demonstrations on Zoom Science lessons to the rest of the class.

Week ending 5th March

Our final week of home schooling.  We will be so glad to have all our children back in school next week.  Thought we would just add a few more pieces of work to celebrate what our creative children have been doing over the last 8 weeks of home learning.  To complement all the fantastic baking that has been going on at school and at home, there is a fact sheet about breads from around the world by Jonty and Joe, some research for our biodiversity project from Dylan, Maisey & Willow and Henry & Olivia E's letter to Old Barn Nursery asking for support for our Wild Garden project.