Holy Trinity CofE

IF YOU WERE AN ENGINEER, Primary Engineer STEM competition

As a school we really value STEM subjects.  This national competition is a great way to introduce the children to the vast range of job opportunities in the field of engineering.  As part of the project they get to watch a webinar led by an engineer in industry.  We chose Ella Podmore, the materials engineer for McLaren, to inspire our children.  We learn about what engineers do and look at how they solve problems in the world around them.  The children then think of a problem in their own lives and generate ideas of inventions that could help overcome this problem.  The project is cross-curricular as entrants are required to write a pitch letter to explain the merits of their invention and its intended users.    Click here to find out more about this year's top designs.

At the Award Ceremony the children got to speak to real engineers about their inventions.  "We were wowed by so many creative designs and even a couple being made into prototypes by the university and Thales engineers.  We would recommend to anyone who might be interested in the future." Quote from Jolin's Mum about the Award Ceremony.