Holy Trinity CofE

Parent Forum


The purpose of the group is consultative.
1. Main aims
• Work together collaboratively to improve the education provided for our children
• Share information, knowledge and skills
• Meet in a mutually supportive environment
• Further improve communications between parent/carers and staff/governors
• To work in a consultative way
• To foster an active partnership between home and school

  1. The parent forum does not have any statutory responsibilities, duties or powers in the school.

  2. Attendees
    • There is no maximum number
    • The involvement of parents/carers from all year groups is encouraged
    • Parents are free to choose to attend any meeting
    • Governor representation is encouraged

Terms of reference for the group can be found here.

The group meets once a term. Additional meetings can be agreed as and when necessary.

The agenda for each meeting is to be drawn up by the headteacher, following consultation with members. The agenda will be issued to everyone at least 1 week before the relevant meeting.

Minutes will be taken so that all parents can be kept updated. These will detail the content and outcomes of meeting but not identify individual views. Minutes are to be circulated, where possible, within 2 weeks of a meeting and will be sent to all parents in the school. A copy of the minutes will be published here

Minutes 12.05.22                          MInutes 17.11.22

If you would like to submit an agenda item please send an email titled ‘School Forum’ and send it to the office email address: office@htlb.school

The Parent Forum will not be a place for parents to raise personal issues and concerns. Complaints involving pupils or families will not be discussed. If you have a personal concern please contact the school directly, as we can deal with the issues promptly for you and your child.