Holy Trinity CofE

We define progress as:-

  • Catching up
  • Filling gaps in learning
  • Deepening understanding
  • Overcoming barriers


We assess against expected levels in the Early Years, and Years 2 and 6 as we are able to assess these against national expectations.

The school has devised its own key objectives for reading, writing and maths.  These have been personalised to the needs of our children.  These expectations are used to highlight gaps in learning for individuals, groups, year groups or classes and therefore inform planning.  These are used to summarise learning at the end of each academic year.  These are an internal measure of progress and achievement and are not used to predict expected progress.

    Reading objectives                                                    Writing Objectives                                                    Maths Objectives                       

We do not believe that a child’s progress is linear.    Our children progress at different rates and at different times.  Progress is dependent upon a wide range of factors, not just teaching.

Our systems are designed to look in detail at learning and are focussed upon the children and the next steps in their learning.  In this way we ensure the children make progress in their learning.

Each term, teachers collate their notes and assessments to see if children are on track to meet our agreed expectations for reading, writing and maths. 

If a child is not on track to meet our expectations appropriate catch up programmes will be put into place and parental support for these agreed.

A child will be deemed as making good progress if they are assessed as on track each term and/or if at the end of the academic year they achieve the expectations set by the school for reading, writing and maths.

All teachers have an excellent knowledge of their pupils. The majority of teachers will teach pupils for two academic years.  This allows each teacher to develop a more secure understanding of our children; how they learn and develop. 

As we are a small school, we are able to monitor pupil progress at an individual level rather than looking at groups.  This enables us to carefully match our teaching and learning to the needs of our children and provide a much more personalised curriculum.

Please see our Assessment for Learning Policy for more details.

A handy guide explaining how parents can find about how their children are progressing can be found here.