Holy Trinity CofE

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based upon our vision for our school

Love your neighbour as yourself, and do to others as you’d have them do to you.

Matthew 22:39

Our vision is to develop happy, young people who can flourish as individuals.  As they grow and mature we want them to develop academic aspirations, a love of learning, a desire to succeed and to take care of others. We celebrate the unique gifts of every child.

We are a Church of England Primary School, and aim to achieve our vision through the Christian tradition aiming for the common good of the whole community. This concept of community is rooted in the Christian understanding of love; love of God and of one another. This vision, in line with the Church of England’s Vision for Education, encompasses the whole of our community and the wider world.

We, therefore, aim to build an inclusive and nurturing environment which welcomes people from all backgrounds and traditions.  Specifically we aim to:-

Our vision is reflected in our school values of respect, resilience, responsibility and creativity.  These core values underpin our curriculum.

 Our curriculum builds upon the National Curriculum but is enriched to incorporate a wide range of social, cultural and spiritual activities. Our full curriculum statement can be found here.

Our rationale and plans for each area of the curriculum can be found below.  Curriculum plans for each of our classes are listed on each class' curriculum page in the children's section of this website. If you require any further information, please contact your child's class teacher.


Religious Education



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Art and Design

Physical Education

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Design Technology


MFL - French

 Early Years Foundation Stage

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